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From helping you make your books and binders digital to creating a unique online experience, VitalSource can take you there.

If you’re looking to lower the costs of printing and shipping materials to purchasers and struggling to make the case for this shift in organizational process, or you’re just thinking about how to get started going digital, we have some resources that will help.



Costs Are Down, Revenue is Up

New to content distribution systems? This is the whitepaper for you...

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digital steps

Your First Digital Steps

VitalSource’s David Woods has some advice for getting started.

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7 essential

7 Essential Components

Don’t choose a content distribution system without keeping these in mind!

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Imagine a World Without Training Binders

It’s possible! Here’s how.

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bookshelf brochure

Bookshelf brochure

A primer on the Bookshelf platform.

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rights of content

Rights of Content

Content has rights too – here are the 10 we think are essential.

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