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From helping you make your books and binders digital to creating a unique online experience, VitalSource can take you there.


Your learners want a quality experience that works both offline and online. You want security, analytics, and the ability to integrate with your existing processes, files, and platforms.

Meet Bookshelf®, the world's most used platform for distributing, accessing, consuming, and engaging with learning materials.

If you’re looking to lower the costs of printing and shipping materials to purchasers and struggling to make the case for this shift in organizational process, read our Costs Are Down, Revenue Is Up white paper. And before you purchase a content distribution solution, make sure it has the key elements required for success, as outlined in our 7 Essential Components of a Content Distribution Solution white paper.

In Bookshelf over the past year, there were:

2.4 B

pages viewed

177 M

annotations made

66 M

searches conducted

What Is Bookshelf?

88% of learners feel they would do better by studying with interactive tools rather than traditional books and binders 

Bookshelf Studio

Bookshelf Studio

You can start with your own files in Bookshelf, or if you're looking to create truly engaging digital-first learning materials that are responsive on any device and respect accessibility standards, Bookshelf Studio is an authoring tool that lets you accomplish all of the above—in an easy-to-use platform.

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Bookshelf Explore

Bookshelf Explore

Bookshelf Explore lets you enable access to entire collections of content, either for one-time training events at conferences or as a subscription site license for your customers.

Search & Navigation

Search & Navigation

When learners want a refresher on a specific concept but don’t remember where in the text it’s located, they can use Bookshelf’s search function. If they don’t remember which item covered what they’re trying to find, they can search across their entire Bookshelf library. For even more information, they can search Wikipedia by highlighting a word.

Sync & Share

Sync & Share

Bookshelf syncs the last page read, bookmarks,and annotation across all of your learner's devices. Those synced annotations can also be shared with groups for peer collaboration. Trainers or admins can share their own annotations with their groups to call out key concepts.

Intrepid by VitalSource

Go Beyond Highly Interactive Reading

If your online learning needs to replicate or supplement the real thing at scale, meet Intrepid by VitalSource—a truly immersive, award-winning learning platform.

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