Equitable Access


Course materials affordability and access for all

What is EA?


Let’s face it: course materials are expensive, confusing, and often stressful for students. In fact, seven in ten students report delaying the purchase of course materials due to cost, and 56% admit to not buying assigned course materials due to cost.

In recent years, campus stores have embraced Inclusive Access, a course-by-course model that reduces course material costs while giving students day-one access to required learning materials. However, with Inclusive Access, students may still have unexpected high-cost courses, and many courses don’t participate in Inclusive Access at all, leaving students stuck with the expense and confusion of shopping around for course materials.

Enter Equitable Access

Institutions across the US are now exploring a new model: Equitable Access, which gives all undergraduate students day-one access to the assigned learning materials for all courses for which they are enrolled, all for one affordable flat fee.

With Equitable Access, institutions negotiate the lowest possible flat rate per unit price for content from major publishers by guaranteeing them volume sales. Importantly, Equitable Access preserves academic freedom - faculty choose whatever materials they think students will learn from best (including OER!) - and students can opt-out of the entire program if they wish.

Equitable Access At A Glance


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All Students Participate

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All Course Materials Included

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Flat Fee for Students

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Preserves Academic Freedom

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Supports Student Opt-Out

Who Benefits?


Students icon

Affordable flat fee for all materials

Instructors icon

Academic freedom and students prepared to learn on day-one

Administrators icon

Increase equity and reduce barriers to student success

campus stores icon

Campus Stores:
Support the academic mission and keep sales in your store

Publishers icon

Increase sales to enrollment

Getting Started


What does it take to get started with Equitable Access?

For many institutions, Equitable Access is the natural successor to course-by-course Inclusive Access. The first step in exploring Equitable Access is launching and growing an Inclusive Access program on your campus. To learn how to get started with Inclusive Access, check out our case studies.

Once Inclusive Access is underway, you’re ready to determine if EA is right for your institution. 

Explore Models 

The first step is to learn about the model. Check out Equitable Access press coverage below.

Build your team 

The next step is to build your campus coalition.  Building a cross-functional team will help your campus decide if Equitable Access is right for you, and if so, when is the right time to get started. Your EA team should include the following campus stakeholders.

  • Campus store
  • Provost or Academic Affairs Leader
  • Campus Technology
  • Student Government
  • Faculty Senate
  • Campus Marketing and Public Relations

From Evolution to Revolution


Growing Inclusive Access is the best way to prepare for Equitable Access. Check out our case studies to learn how institutions across North America are increasing affordability and day-one access.

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