Enabling partners and publishers to build custom reading-based learning experiences

Our Platform, Your Experience

With LearnKit, we have unbundled our best-in-class VitalSource Bookshelf platform. Serving millions of students and billions of textbook pages each year, LearnKit is robust, scalable, and flexible, making it easy to take what we have already accomplished and make it your own.


Our software developer kit allows publisher and platform developer teams to take advantage of Bookshelf’s key strengths, but create a custom look and feel to best serve their customers. Already have a digital reading platform? Drop in specific Bookshelf features from LearnKit.

LearnKit What we Have

What We Have

  • Rich content rendering

  • Inherent accessibility

  • Online and 100% offline access

  • Usage data collection and analytics feeds

  • Flexible content licensing terms

  • Support for multiple content formats (EPUB 3, EPUB 2, PDF)

  • Interactive study tools

  • Synchronisation across devices

  • Support for new browser and operating system releases

LearnKit What You Can Create

What You Can Create

  • A white-labeled custom eReader

  • Simplified content viewers to embed in existing learning apps

  • Demographically-focused eReader

  • A VitalSource content search widget

  • An integrated multi-platform student notebook

  • A highly student-configurable VitalSource client

...whatever else you can dream up that displays VitalSource content!

LearnKit gives you the flexibility to create the precise custom learning experience you need.

Visit the VitalSource Developer’s Network to learn how to build an innovative eReader experience.

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