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eTextbooks facilitate anytime, anywhere learning, and Bookshelf® seamlessly fits in with both BYOD and school-provided device programmes.


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A Leveled-Reader Approach

Bookshelf Jr. facilitates learning at any age with colorful leveled-readers designed for targeted age groups, allowing students to grow with Bookshelf Jr. as they learn. With native and online applications, and our commitment to accessibility, Bookshelf Jr. follows in Bookshelf’s footsteps of bringing a premier reading experience to a new audience.

Bookshelf Jr - Grades k-3 (or international ages 5-8)
New students
Ages 5–8
Growing students
Ages 9–12
Bookshelf Jr - Grades 4-8 (or international ages 9-12)
Bookshelf Jr. - Grades 9-12 - (or international ages 13-18)
Advancing students
Ages 13–18

Protecting Privacy

As protecting the privacy of students is of utmost importance to VitalSource, we have created certain features designed to prohibit the use or collection of personal information of minors while allowing for a simplified login flow for younger users, including pictorial passwords.

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Customise the Delivery of Your Content

Bookshelf Jr. comes with all the tools educators need to create and assign custom collections of content. With the ability to curate content for students, and the visibility into student progress via our robust reports, teachers can continue to iterate on their course to ensure every student succeeds.

Customise the Delivery of Your Content
Manage Rosters

Manage Rosters

Administrators can adopt master content lists and create courses with an easy import, making course and roster management a cinch.

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