Equitable Access

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Equitable Access Transforms Course Materials Delivery

All students deserve to have access to the resources they need throughout their collegiate career, no matter their major. Some course materials models put students in a position of having to choose whether or not they can afford to purchase their required materials, creating inequity. Equitable Access offers a solution to the unpredictable costs of course materials and ensures financial barriers do not keep students from pursuing their collegiate goals.

Institutions Leading the Way with Equitable Access

Learn how institutions implementing Equitable Access are increasing access to course materials and creating predictable costs for all students.

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Making the Move to Equitable Access

Want to know what it takes to implement Equitable Access? This guide explores the steps to establish a program, ways to socialize the model across campus, technology to power a digital-first delivery, and an implementation checklist.

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Technology to Power Equitable Access

Our time-saving technology will help your institution manage the steps needed to create a superior student experience. Leverage our best-in-class technology to expand access, drive affordability and create convenience for students inside the learning management system.

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Equitable Access Wins Gold

The team at Verba | VitalSource and UC Davis are the winners of a 2021 IMS Global Learning Impact Award for their Equitable Access program. UC Davis wanted to provide a solution to the unpredictable cost of course materials and help alleviate financial barriers that can prevent students from pursuing their learning goals. The team at Verba | VitalSource was honored to work with UC Davis to build this program and are grateful that an industry leader like IMS recognized these efforts with this prestigious award.


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