Campus Store Resources

Here you will find in-store and digital marketing materials, marketing inspiration, and student and instructor resources.

In-Store Marketing

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Click below to request or download shelf tags and posters.

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Digital Marketing

Use our digital display ads to drive sales on your campus store website. We also have slide loops to display on your in-store monitors and throughout the campus to promote the benefits of digital course materials. Click the links below to download a variety of display ad sizes and promotional slides, including new trade book display ads.


Display Ads

Inspiration: What Other Stores Are Doing

Take a look at what your peers are doing to promote Inclusive Access and textbook affordability programs.

Resources for Instructors

Give instructors all the resources they need to understand and support Inclusive Access and digital course materials. From the benefits of VitaSource Bookshelf® to the latest research on the power of digital, you’ll find resources here to help inform instructors on your campus.

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Resources for Students

Help your students jump into digital. Use the materials below to prepare your students for a successful term.

Bookstore Support

To access support documentation, log into your Verba product and click on the right hand drop-down menu to find your "help docs" option.

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