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Your data can transform learning 

Our industry-leading engagement tools and analytics make sure you get the most out of your data to understand and connect with learners. We'll make sure all stakeholders dedicated to learner success have easy access to the insights they need.


Critical Data to Improve Learner Success

Analyze and Dive Deep
Gain insights at the learner, book, course, or institution level with clear data visualizations. Activate smart filters when deeper dives are needed.
Synthesize Data
Aggregate data from multiple platforms and sources automatically with our near real-time Caliper feed.
Support At-Risk Learners
Analyse engagement data in instructor dashboards to identify at-risk learners early. Easily track user behavior to ensure learners are reading and excelling.

Why Analytics?

No matter which VitalSource technology or platform you use, you get access to a rich database of easy-to-navigate insights. Analytics are not considered a separate service—it's all part of the VitalSource experience.


Institutional Dashboard

Our analytics empower institutions to identify trends and areas of opportunity at a high level. See how long students spend in study sessions and the number of pages they read to understand if assigned learning materials are meeting students’ needs.


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