Level the Playing Field
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Solving the Access Equation

Simplify the way students find, obtain, and engage with the learning materials needed for academic success 
Deliver an Integrated Experience
Our technology operates within an institution’s existing digital ecosystem, making it easier for students to get required content through the school’s platform.
No Wi-Fi? No Problem
Many learners do not have consistent, reliable access to Wi-Fi. The Bookshelf platform has been designed to work both online and 100% offline.
Streamline with New Delivery Models
Our models provide seamless and affordable access to course materials, so students can focus on what really matters: learning.

Direct Integration

Direct Integration is ideal for institutions that offer materials to learners as part of their tuition or fees. Course materials are included in up-front costs. This decision is made at the institutional level, and student opt-out is available where needed.

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Subscription Models

Offer easy, on-demand access to a wide selection of content with subscriptions. Subscriptions provide flexible access options and pricing models, including library discovery, institutional adoptions, and subscription sales.

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Equitable Access

With Equitable Access, all required learning materials for an entire term are provided to students directly in the LMS/VLE on day one of classes. Students pay a single, affordable flat fee for access to all materials for a given term, and can opt in/out at the programme level.


Inclusive Access

Students should have access to all their course materials at the lowest possible price and on the first day of class. Inclusive Access allows students to easily discover, manage, and purchase content within the LMS/VLE—reducing the need to search and compare prices.


Together, let’s remove the barriers to access

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