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All students deserve affordable access to the materials they need to succeed.

VitalSource plays an important role in driving affordability by offering digital solutions that simplify the process of finding and obtaining required course materials. This allows more students to access the materials they need to achieve their academic and professional goals.
Reduce Costs and Confusion
Finding and accessing course materials should be simple. Our solutions make it easier than ever for students to find, purchase, and access required materials.
Streamline Content Discovery and Access
Our flexible delivery models help you offer seamless, affordable access to course materials, so students can focus on what really matters: learning.
Ensure Savings and Compliance
Our solutions take the guesswork out of affordability and compliance, and offer rich analytics and insights.

Subscription Models 

Offer easy, on-demand access to a wide selection of content with subscriptions. Subscriptions provide flexible access to collections of content at affordable prices.

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Equitable Access 

With Equitable Access, all required learning materials are provided to students directly in the campus LMS/VLE on day one of classes. Students pay a single, affordable fee for access to all materials and can opt in/out at the programme level.

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Inclusive Access 

Students should have access to all their course materials at the lowest possible price on the first day of class. Inclusive Access allows students to easily discover, manage, and purchase content within the LMS/VLE—reducing the need to search and compare prices.  


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