Impactful Learning Experiences for the 21st-Century Learner
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Putting Student Success First

Learners today expect technology designed, developed, and delivered for their success. That's why we work to create products and delivery models that positively impact learners throughout their journey.
We offer products that are backed by the latest learning science research. From course materials to courseware, students who use VitalSource solutions can learn online in ways that are proven to enable success.
Our platforms are created and updated with student sucess in mind. From in-app study tools to analytics, learners are equipped with the most current and impactful technology in the industry throughout the student life cycle.
All learners deserve an even playing field and easy access to impactful learning experiences. That's why we create flexible delivery models, leverage technology to drive affordability solutions, and commit to accessible design in all our products.

Scaling the Doer Effect: Technology based on learning science

Acrobatiq, our courseware platform founded on 12 years of research at Carnegie Mellon's Open Learning Initiative, delivers active, personalised learning through embedded practice, which creates the Doer Effect, a proven learning science principle. Research shows the learn-by-doing approach has about six times the effect on learning than reading.

Bookshelf CoachMe® is a free, built-in study coach in Bookshelf®. It was developed in line with the same learning science principle and provides AI-generated practice questions and knowledge checks aligned to the core etext learning objectives. Students receive immediate feedback to their responses and benefit from the Doer Effect.

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Making the Grade with Day-One Access

Rising costs, multiple purchase options, and a dizzying mix of access codes and unique logins have made it difficult for students to access required course materials, leading them to delay or avoid purchasing textbooks and other materials. Our technologies help simplify the journey of finding, obtaining, and engaging with required course materials needed for academic success. Our models provide seamless and affordable access for learners.

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making the grade

Critical Data to Improve Learner Success

No matter which VitalSource technology or platform you use, you get access to a rich database of easy-to-understand insights. Analytics are part of the VitalSource experience and a critical step in driving student success. Analyse engagement data in instructor dashboards to identify at-risk learners early; gain insights at the learner, book, course, or institution level with clear data visualisations; and aggregate data from multiple platforms and sources automatically with our near real-time Caliper feed.

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Technology should be a tool for success

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