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In today's evolving marketplace, we're here to help you deliver the best-in-class learning experiences that learners deserve.
Our scalable platforms and digital solutions ensure that crucial requirements for exceptional learning experiences are supported, including automatic rostering and content provisioning, deep linking, courseware solutions, and grade sync.
Scalable, Digital Distribution Models
Only VitalSource has the experience and flexibility to offer the range of distribution and business models that institutions, content providers, and distributors need to rapidly scale and deliver content quickly, easily, and securely.
Best-in-Class Technology
Rapidly scaling digital requires the right technology: technology that you can depend on to deliver accessible, secure, uninterrupted access to learning materials and experiences.

Streamlined Operations and Delivery for Deep Content Integrations

VitalSource Launch Integrations acts as a gateway between learning management systems/virtual learning environments, distribution and authentication platforms, and publisher content. Launch seamlessly handles fulfillment, content access, and communication, all while simplifying admin and setup for everyone.

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Make Content Access a One-Step Process

VitalSource is committed to helping more students access the content they need to be successful with innovative solutions and platforms. Our solutions and platforms simplify access to virtually any type of content (including courseware, etexts, custom content, and OER) and help reduce the cost of materials.

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The Most Secure, Compliant Technologies Available

VitalSource leads the industry in accessibility, integration compliance, and privacy and security. We offer robust platforms servicing millions of users and billions of requests each month, worldwide; over 120 global endpoints for content access, with best-in-class platform uptime; and world-class content security trusted by thousands of publishers.

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"Having a wealth of consulting experience combined with best-in-class educational technology allowed us to rapidly prototype, test, and start generating high-margin revenue for our specialised market."

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