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We take exceptional measures to secure the privacy of all users and data.

VitalSource leads the industry by providing the best available security measures to protect our users, keep platforms secure, and safeguard content.
Privacy by Design
Privacy by Design
We continually engineer appropriate security measures into the design of our products and services. It's in our DNA.
No PII Required
No PII Required
Our platforms are purposefully designed to work without Personally Identifiable Information (PII).
Continuously Evolving
Continuously Evolving
There's no magic bullet when it comes to security. It's our ongoing commitment to stay one step ahead.

A Privacy-by-Default Organisation

We comply with industry standards for privacy and security. To shield content from outside threats, VitalSource leverages:

  • Licensed best-in-class application-shielding technology
  • Multiple encryption protocols
  • Advanced countermeasures to defeat scripts and scraping applications
  • High-definition device fingerprints
  • Regular audits and vulnerability assessments

We Care about Protecting Your Privacy and Securing Content

VitalSource will never share or sell our partners' data. We believe users, institutions, and publishers should control the use of their data.

Additionally, safeguarding our customers' content is a top priority. We implement security measures during every critical step of the content workflow, including initial delivery, storage, and distribution.

Our partners benefit from our investment in:

  • Cutting-edge technology to secure media
  • Best-in-class cloud infrastructure services and content distribution networks
  • Strong privacy and security controls to identify and close vulnerabilities
  • Top-of-the-line 24/7 monitoring, alert, and incident reporting systems
  • Best-in-class digital rights management (DRM)
  • External validations
  • SOC II certification
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"Our engineering teams have a high care factor for application and platform security and privacy. It's something we take seriously and work hard at."

Together, let's protect the privacy of users everywhere

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