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Bookshelf delivers academic freedom with the most extensive catalogue of etexts and courseware, with over 1.5 million titles.


A Complete, Supported Experience

Online and 100% Offline Access
Online and 100% Offline Access
The freedom to study anytime, anywhere—even on the go
Full Suite of Study Tools
Highlighting, notetaking (with options to share or print), bookmarks, flashcards, dictionaries, and more
Award-Winning Assistive Technology
Award-Winning Assistive Technology
An experience designed with all users in mind, including Read Aloud and visual adjustments
Impeccable Performance
Impeccable Performance
Unassailable technology and platform stability with world-class uptime

Bookshelf Analytics

VitalSource data feeds provide a wealth of valuable insights, so you can make informed decisions about your content. View high-level details at the learner, book, course, or institution level.

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Integrate into Courseware

With Immersive Reader, Bookshelf gives you the flexibility to create precise, custom learning experiences. Easily embed etext content into your existing, branded courseware and platforms in a matter of days. Learners get instant access to customised sections of Bookshelf content.

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Bookshelf Jr.

Bookshelf Jr. offers age-appropriate, engaging learning that allows students to grow as they learn. With the ability to curate content and view student progress via our robust reports, teachers can continue to adapt their course to ensure every student succeeds.

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