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Bookshelf CoachMe®

Studying Just Got a Whole Lot Easier
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Prepare, practice, and focus take on a whole new meaning with Bookshelf CoachMe

The newest feature in Bookshelf, Bookshelf CoachMe, is a free, built-in study coach that provides embedded practice throughout the etext, offering “in the moment” learner engagement and low-stakes confirmation of the material. Students prepare, practice, and focus all in one place and show up to class confident and ready to learn.


Why Bookshelf CoachMe?

It’s simple: doing practice causes learning.
Take the Guesswork Out of Studying
Bookshelf CoachMe provides practice questions in the margins and knowledge checks at the end of the chapter, both with immediate feedback. Students can see right away what they already know, so they can focus on what they need to learn.
Based on Learning Science
Through years of research, we have replicated the causal relationship that Learn by Doing and the Doer Effect have on learning. As online education continues to evolve and accelerate, research-based approaches like this pave the way to create learning experiences that help students succeed.
Build Student Confidence
Bookshelf CoachMe makes it easy for learners to get immediate feedback in a low-stakes environment, confirming what they already know and showing them where to focus next.

Prepare, Practice, Focus

Practice makes perfect. Bookshelf CoachMe’s AI-generated practice questions and knowledge checks are located in the margins and at the end of the chapter, allowing students to practice as they read. Practising has about six times the effect on learning than reading—that’s called the Doer Effect, a learning science principle.

Note: Bookshelf CoachMe’s practice questions and end-of-chapter knowledge checks are created by VitalSource’s proprietary AI technology and are part of the Bookshelf learning platform.


How Does Bookshelf CoachMe Work

Practice Questions

Students are prompted to answer practice questions while reading their Bookshelf etext.  Active learning through embedded practice creates the Doer Effect. Bookshelf CoachMe helps students study fast and study smart.

Knowledge Checks

At the end of each chapter, students answer summative knowledge checks to determine what they know. Our research (1) analysed data from courseware being used at a major four-year public university. The analysis showed a correlation between the amount of practice students did and their summative quiz scores. The more practice students did, the better their learning outcomes were.

Immediate Feedback

Students have access to immediate feedback on both their practice questions and knowledge checks and can retake any question, better preparing them for class and exams. Our research (1,2) proved the impact of the Doer Effect on a final exam and shows that the effects of doing practice increase learning gains even when the assessment takes place long after the initial learning.


Ready to Get Started with Bookshelf CoachMe?

Access Bookshelf CoachMe for free in thousands of titles in Bookshelf. There is no training necessary for instructors, students, technology teams, or administrators. It’s the Bookshelf you know and love, just better.

How do I know if a title has Bookshelf CoachMe? When adopting a Bookshelf title, simply look for the Bookshelf CoachMe icon to get started. Students look for the power feature icon in Bookshelf or in the VitalSource store.

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Studying just got a whole lot easier with Bookshelf CoachMe

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