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Our sampling experience is self-service and offers previews of over 1.5 million higher education titles through Bookshelf.

Why sample with VitalSource?

  • Compare Prices

    Check pricing and duration availability at a glance.

  • Confirm Accessibility Requirements

    As part of our commitment to accessibility, we work with advocacy and standards groups to ensure we offer industry-leading features for students of all ability levels. Bookshelf, our digital content platform, received a WCAG 2.1 AA conformance rating.

  • Find Inclusive Access Titles Easily

    Our platform identifies which titles are IA eligible, so you can ensure students are getting the lowest possible price on course materials.


How Can Instructors Get Access?

Sampling eligibility is based on publisher verification. Approval comes directly from the publisher of the title. If you have not received approval, please reach out to your publisher representative directly. Access provides a licence to a title for one year, which can be renewed, if desired. Sampling is available in the US, UK, and Australia.

"We've thoroughly enjoyed working with the VitalSource team over the years. They have dedicated time to understand our needs and make the necessary adjustments to ensure students receive the instructional materials to be successful."

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