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Direct Integration

Direct Integrations are ideal for institutions that include course materials in the cost of tuition and fees. Our delivery models help ensure all students have day-one access within the campus LMS/VLE, and opt-out functionality is available, if needed.

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Collections and Subscriptions

Unlock a new, modernised approach for course materials delivery with Explore, our user-friendly platform for delivering collections and subscriptions. With secure, flexible models, Explore gives you the tools you need to maximise content in the subscription age.

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Equitable Access

Equitable Access gives all students day-one access to all required learning materials within the campus LMS/VLE, all for one affordable flat fee. Students can opt out at the programme level, and there is no impact on academic freedom.

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Inclusive Access 

Give students day-one access to required course materials at the lowest possible price. This course-by-course delivery model ensures students are ready to learn on day one. Students discover, manage, and access content within the campus LMS/VLE.

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