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Streamline operations and delivery, provide deep integrated content, and prepare for next generation learning

VitalSource Launch Integrations acts as a gateway between learning management systems/virtual learning environments, distribution and authentication platforms, and publisher content. Launch seamlessly handles fulfillment, content access, and communication, all while simplifying admin and setup for everyone.


One Integration to Power Them All

Seamless Access
Compatible with all platforms and delivery models, including Inclusive Access, paywalls, tuition inclusive, and more. Single sign-on (SSO) ensures one-click access.
Deep Content Integration
Deep link to chapters, pages, assignments (any location) with automatic link placement. Easily make course copies.
Roster Integration
Use names and role provisioning to automate assignment links, invoicing, and day-one access. Manage add/drop easily and power dashboards and data.
Codeless Courseware
Seamless, one-click access to courseware--no login and no codes. Enables deep linking and grade sync.

Save Time, Grow Impact

Launch makes it possible to grow impact, while reducing inefficiencies, whether you're integrating with courseware, establishing a retail management system for course materials, or just seeking a better, more seamless experience for learners to get the content they need.

  • Focus teams on growth and innovation instead of LMS/VLE integrations
  • Support multiple business models without changing the learner experience
  • Expand reach of digital products and services via our global distribution network
  • Give codeless access to the world's largest course materials database

Industry-Leading Analytics

VitalSource data feeds provide a wealth of valuable insights, so you can make informed decisions about your content. View high-level details at the learner, course, or institution level.

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"Learning is a collective endeavor, and partnerships like the ones we have with VitalSource help to improve the student’s educational journey by making course materials more affordable and simpler to access."

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