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Do More with Digital

Put your store at the centre of course materials on and off campus with tools that help you expand your store’s reach, improve your selection, and build your brand.

Why VitalSource?

We've been a leader in the education industry for 25 years and currently serve more than 14 million users in over 200 countries and territories around the world. Our technology for digital materials supports and engages students and makes it easier to:

  • Deliver and distribute a variety of online learning experiences to increase engagement and generate revenue
  • Increase your store’s efficiency and impact
  • Provide access to digital content across any device, when and how learners need it, online and offline
  • Use data to make informed decisions and understand students’ behaviour
Offering students digital options, a convenient shopping experience, and instant access to content means your store can save on up-front costs. You’ll spend less time stocking shelves and counting inventory, and more time contributing to the campus mission to help students succeed.

A best-in-class reading & studying experience

With Bookshelf, access the most extensive and accessible catalogue of etexts and courseware, with over 1.5 million titles, localised in 37 languages, and available 100% online and offline.

VitalSource is at the forefront of creating, adopting, and evolving global accessibility standards. We collaborate on accessibility with many organisations, such as the DAISY Consortium, W3C, the National Federation of the Blind, DIAGRAM Center, Book Industry Study Group, and the Center for Accessible Materials Innovation.

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Make it easy for students to access essential digital course materials

Capture more sales when you integrate our unmatched catalogue into your retail management system and create a store-branded eCommerce site with compelling digital offers for students shopping online and in-store.

Put your brand front and center with a mobile-friendly branded eCommerce site and store-branded, 24/7 comparison-shopping experience.


Industry-Leading Integrations

Give students a single place to discover, purchase, and access materials, all within the campus LMS/VLE:

  • View and adopt digital directly in your retail management system
  • Seamlessly sell digital at the register and on your website
  • Never miss a sale due to out-of-stock items
  • Take advantage of our full suite of marketing resources to help you drive sales
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"At VitalSource, we recognize our responsibility to help improve students’ access to affordable learning experiences. We’re helping more learners access their required materials faster and at a lower cost."
Access & Impact
We design innovative solutions that simplify the process of finding and obtaining required course materials. This allows more learners day-one access to their materials, lowering the overall costs for everyone and improving student success.
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Your Digital Journey
Your Digital Journey
No matter where you are in your digital journey, VitalSource is here to help. We'll recommend strategies to expand your institution's impact, create plans tailored to your goals, and connect the dots with the world's leading publishers.
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Open new doors with digital.

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