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Can Digital Make Learning More Engaging?
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Supporting Student Engagement and Success

Instructors today expect technology that enhances the learning experience. That’s why we work to create products and delivery models that are easy to use, backed by learning science, engage learners, and improve outcomes with flexible options for delivery.
Engagement First
A key to student success is access to and interaction with learning materials—in any modality. Our flexible delivery models and exceptional learning tools make it easy for students to prepare, practice, and focus, so that they show up to class confident and ready to participate.
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Easy to Use
Our premier learning platform, Bookshelf®, is trusted by millions, flexible, easy to use, and packed with learning power. It gives institutions the flexibility to create precise, custom learning experiences, and it gives learners a reliable tool to read, study, and practice all in one place—online or off.
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Proven by Learning Science
Our research and development team is dedicated to studying student learning to ensure our tools are built based on the latest in learning science. From important principles like the Doer Effect to the ways instructor implementation drives engagement, our team is committed to creating learning experiences that help students succeed.
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Looking for a way to ensure students bring their A game to class?

Bookshelf’s newest feature, Bookshelf CoachMe®, provides free embedded practice with immediate feedback in a low-stakes, confidence-boosting environment. Based on learning science, Bookshelf CoachMe provides students with more opportunities for prep, practice, and focus, right in the Bookshelf etext.

When students use a digital version of your adopted text, they gain access to their free study coach.

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The Premier Global Digital Content Platform

Bookshelf delivers academic freedom with the most extensive catalogue of etexts and courseware, with over 1.5 million titles, including front list titles for all major publishers, in 37 languages.

  • Sample and review
  • Read, study, and practice all in one place, with online and 100% offline access
  • Full suite of study tools, including highlighting, notetaking, bookmarks, flashcards, dictionaries, and more
  • Award-winning assistive technology
  • An experience designed with all users in mind, including Read Aloud and visual adjustments
  • Unassailable technology and platform stability with world-class uptime

Insights into Engagement and More

VitalSource data feeds provide a wealth of valuable insights, so you can make informed decisions about your content. View high-level details at the learner, book, and course level.

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Reviewing content should be easy

Our sampling experience is self-service and offers previews of over 1.5 million higher education titles through Bookshelf. With our sampling platform you can:

  • Request to review titles for adoption
  • Find Inclusive Access titles easily
  • Ensure students are getting the lowest possible price on course materials
  • Compare prices
  • Check pricing and duration availability at a glance
  • Confirm accessibility requirements

As part of our commitment to accessibility, we work with advocacy and standards groups to ensure we offer industry-leading features for students of all ability levels. Bookshelf, our digital content platform, received a WCAG 2.1 AA conformance rating.

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Technology should be a tool for success

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