Learning Analytics

Understand engagement to improve outcomes and inform content decisions

All stakeholders in the collaborative ecosystem dedicated to student success should have easy access to student engagement data. It’s a critical piece to addressing strategic challenges around student outcomes. That’s why VitalSource developed industry-leading content analytics tools—to provide the insights education leaders need to make real change.


Insights Provided by VitalSource

From our main dashboard, see aggregate data on how long students spend in a study session and how many pages have been read. From there, delve deeper into devices used to study, annotations made per study session, and other key statistics. Pull up data at the student, book, course, or institution level. Smart filters provide the ability to dive deeper into specific cohorts, content, and more.

Our data feeds are based on the IMS Caliper standard and provide near real-time or periodic access to student content interactions. These feeds easily plug into campus-wide analytics platforms to provide stakeholders a more holistic picture of student engagement with their content.

Using Data for Effective Learning

Administrators and Deans

Understand if assigned learning materials are meeting students’ needs. Track student engagement at the department level.



Shape lecture focus and topics. Identify at-risk students and guide office hour conversations around areas of struggle.


Publishers and Partners

Find out how content is used by your customers. Use our analytics dashboards and data feeds to power your own platform.


Learning Analytics - Essential Tool

“It is an essential tool for our institutional sales teams in understanding our customers and for our development teams in Editorial seeking to understand how our customers are interacting with our content.”

Huw Alexander, Sage Publishers

Learning Analytics - VitalSource Content Studio

“We selected VitalSource Content Studio because of how straightforward it is. To add an element—be it text, an image, or a rich element such as a questionnaire—you simply click on the appropriate box and enter what you need.”

Pelle Råstock, Aim4Knowledge

Learning Analytics - VitalSource Bookshelf

“Historically we’ve sent complimentary copies to faculty for review solely in print format. Now using VitalSource Bookshelf® we have the option of providing complimentary copies digitally, allowing faculty to get faster access to the books, and us to save on costs and efficiency.”

Valerie Stoehr, West Academic

Learning Analytics Resources



VitalSource is a leader in delivering quality, affordable digital learning materials. Our thought leaders discuss in various blog posts how our learning analytics can inform content and student success strategies.

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Register for upcoming VitalSource webinars and view archived presentations to learn more about how to use data from student interactions with their content.

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