Easily build custom learning experiences using Bookshelf content

Integrated, enriched learning—now faster than ever

Bookshelf is the world’s leading online platform for distributing, accessing, and engaging with digital learning materials—with best in class content security online and on device.


Now, content providers can save time and resources by leveraging Bookshelf’s unassailable technology and scale in a new way: easily embed eText content into your existing courseware and platforms in a matter of days.


Learners can get instant access to customized sections of Bookshelf content, with a suite of study tools including Text to Speech, Content Controls, Highlights and Notetaking.

LearnKit What we Have

For Partners

  • Simplify your initial integration of Bookshelf's digital text content into your own branded courses—and get started in a matter of days.

  • Deliver customized content to learners down to the paragraph level (in ePub) or page level (in PDF)

  • Pair book content side-by-side with course content.

LearnKit What You Can Create

For Learners

  • Take notes and highlights to improve knowledge retention

  • Listen on the go with Read Aloud, compatible with any title, any language

  • Use dark mode and font selections to make reading even easier.

Bookshelf content gives you the flexibility to create precise, custom learning experiences. Our teams have you covered.

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