Faculty Sampling

Allowing instructors to preview content from the world’s largest digital catalogue

Making it Easy for Pre-Approved Instructors to Sample Learning Materials

VitalSource has the industry’s best full-service sampling environment. It’s an easy to use, self-service hub for accessing over a million digital titles.

Evaluate Pricing

When sampling different titles to make course materials decisions, it’s easy to compare prices and duration availability for your students.


Review Accessibility

See how different titles perform on VitalSource Bookshelf, our inherently accessible eReader.


As part of our commitment to accessibility, we work with advocacy and standards groups to ensure Bookshelf offers industry-leading features for students of all ability levels. Our efforts in this field have received recognition from groups like DAISY and the National Foundation for the Blind and we routinely receive 100% compliance across all platforms (online, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Chrome) on standards evaluations.

How can faculty get access?


How Can Instructors Get Access?


Sampling eligibility is based on publisher verification. A publisher can send an instructor a recommendation to sample in the portal, or instructors can visit our website and request to be verified. Once they receive their verification, the instructor can access any publisher’s content for sampling. They’ll have a licence to a title for one year, and can renew if desired.

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Sampling for instructors is currently available via our US, United Kingdom and Australia sites.
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