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From the beginning, VitalSource has been at the forefront of creating, adopting, and evolving global accessibility standards.
An Unrivaled Commitment
An Unrivaled Commitment
We continuously improve our solutions to ensure they offer the richest possible features and support for today's learners.
Authoring Global Standards
Implementing Global Standards
We collaborate with global thought leaders to establish the current and next generation of standards.
Mainstream Access
Mainstream Access
We ensure each of our users can receive the same content, using the same platforms, through the same channels—no special versions needed.

Content Transparency

Bookshelf's accessibility features empower users. Our “first in the world” content transparency initiative enables instructors and learners to know how well content will support their needs before they adopt or purchase. Additionally, VitalSource demonstrates its Section 508 compliance by publishing the VPATs for its solutions.

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Spotlight on: Bookshelf's Assistive Technology

Bookshelf conforms to level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and was "the first in the world" to receive a 100% accessibility score at in 2013.  We service the widest possible range of users and their accommodations with our award-winning assistive technologies that include:

  • Compatibility with screen readers, such as Microsoft Narrator, JAWS, NVDA, TalkBack, VoiceOver, and more
  • Common accessibility shortcuts with our scrubber bar, table of contents, and search that make navigation easy
  • Built-in speech functionality with Read Aloud
  • A choice of fonts, including OpenDyslexic fonts, so users can read in comfort
  • Content controls, including altering screen colors, night mode, and magnification

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Leaders in the Community

VitalSource collaborates on accessibility with many organizations, such as the DAISY Consortium, W3C, the National Federation of the Blind, DIAGRAM Center, Book Industry Study Group, and the Center for Accessible Materials Innovation.


VitalSource is proud to be recognized as a global leader in accessibility.

Winner of the 2019 Daisy Consortium Award for Accessibility in Publishing
Recipient of the 2020 ASPIRE GOLD Rating for Accessibility

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