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When expansive reach meets learning science-based technology that improves student outcomes, effective learning occurs at scale.

We’re committed to creating products that are based on learning science—an interdisciplinary approach that combines the fields of psychology, cognitive science, instructional design, human-centered engineering design, and more, to improve student learning as well as our understanding of how students learn.
Create Effective Learning Environments
We offer products that are backed by the latest learning science research and proven to positively impact student outcomes.
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We engage with our schools and partners to share data and further what we know about how students learn in natural contexts.
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Engage and Share
Our research and development team applies cutting-edge technological advances in service to the learner. We share our research findings to maintain transparency and accountability among students, the educational community, and the scientific community.

Why Learning Science?

In today’s complex learning environment, simply making digital tools is not enough. At VitalSource, we are committed to creating products that are based on learning science. We fulfill that mission through replicating key findings, developing and studying new technologies, and partnering with instructors to identify impactful implementation practices. The result is solutions that support proven active learning environments for students.

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Our Background

Since our inception, we have been committed to research and development to improve our technology and drive student success. From our premiere products Bookshelf and SmartStart, to our day-one-access programs, we have evolved with the learners needs. Our evolution continued in 2018 with the acquisition of Acrobatiq, a product founded on research from the widely respected Carnegie Mellon University Open Learning Initiative with a reputation for its impressive work using learning science and data to build technology that enabled student success.

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Our Commitment 

The addition of Acrobatiq, and its learning scientists, strengthened our work and commitment to studying the science of learning and building technology based on research.

It is through our commitment to researching learning science that our products continuously evolve to meet learners’ needs. Our work in the area of learn by doing (also known as the Doer Effect) led to advancements in learning technology and the launch of Bookshelf CoachMe®, which brings VitalSource Bookshelf® to the next level as an enhanced eReader + complete study experience for students.

Our team of learning scientists is tasked with augmenting research and development efforts across all products and technologies and furthering our dedication to bringing impactful learning to all students by advancing learning technology and researching effective learning methods.

Bookshelf CoachMe® helps you prep, practice, and focus, all on one place. Discover how Bookshelf’s newest power feature boosts confidence.


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