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Bookshelf: Choose the Experience

bookshelf platform
Level 1:

Standard Bookshelf

  • Up and running within hours
  • Our teams will manage setup
  • Supports multiple integration paths
Level 2:

Branded Bookshelf

  • Up and running within days
  • Our teams will manage setup
  • Many branding options available
Level 3:

Embedded Bookshelf

  • Up and running within days
  • Our teams will manage setup
  • Enhance and customise existing courseware and platforms by integrating Bookshelf content
Level 4:

Custom Configuration

  • Requires engineering commitment
  • Self-service and configurable
  • Build a unique, fully custom experience around the learner
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Explore: Branded Collections

Create a unique discovery experience with Explore’s collections. Add a distinct look and feel by selecting background images and headlines tailored to your users' needs.

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Acrobatiq Courseware: Create, Build, and Enhance

Acrobatiq offers all the branding capabilities of VitalSource solutions (including logo, colour selection, and branded sign-in), with added customisation for the course itself. Use our self-service options to change course settings and enhance further with SmartAuthor. Or work with us on a complete custom course experience.

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White Label Store: Style Your eCommerce Experience

Leverage your university's logo, colours, and style with a VitalSource White Label Store to create a custom digital experience. Drive and track sales, and give your students an easy, convenient way to securely purchase digital course materials directly from your campus store.

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