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Unlock subscriptions for course materials with Explore's affordable, user-friendly, personalized platform

With secure, flexible models for delivering collections quickly and easily, Explore gives you the tools you need to maximize content in the subscription age. Publishers can create content collections of any size, customize with distinctive branding, and manage trials or subscriptions through the self-service Admin tool. Institutions save money, simplify back-end processes, and get up and running quickly.


Three Ways to Get Started with Collections

Give to a Group
Give to a Group
Deliver access to all individuals in a group. A great option for schools that include materials in the cost of tuition, or for organizations looking to purchase and provide relevant content for their learners.
Set Up Shared Access
Set Up Shared Access
Offer shared access to a collection, similar to a library model. Set the rules for access, including concurrent user limits, borrowing, and duration limits.
Let Learners Choose
Let Learners Choose
Enable learners to shop for collections on their own, directly from an eCommerce platform. Individuals license the content individually, for a one-time fee or through a subscription.

Find Solutions to Hard Problems with Explore

Explore makes it easy to create, distribute, and implement content collections.

  • Test new models and save learners money, while reducing manual administrative work
  • Stay connected with partners (whether you're a publisher or an institution) and create new business relationships
  • Use data analytics to improve collections and evolve digital strategies
  • Deliver ongoing value by creating meaningful engagement with learners

Revolutionary Search + Personalization

Explore’s cutting-edge search algorithm is a game changer. Search keywords at the title or sentence level and pull relevant hits instantly, even with an accidental typo or partial word. Plus, Explore’s search “learns” and improves over time.

Explore identifies and organizes content based on user behavior, including "Top Picks for You," "Top Subjects Viewed," and "See What's Trending" (popular titles within a given collection). New titles in the collection surface under "Recently Added."

Explore lets you offer a compelling experience on a platform that “learns” and adapts to the user.


Customize Your Experience

Create, distribute, and customize collections from content in Bookshelf, the world's largest digital educational library. Try our self-service options to give your branding impact and adjust the look and feel of the collection to meet your learners’ needs. Ask our team about customized branding options to enrich the learner experience.

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