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Prepare, practice, and focus take on a whole new meaning with Bookshelf CoachMe®

Bookshelf’s newest feature, Bookshelf CoachMe, is a free, built-in study coach that provides embedded practice throughout the etext. Bookshelf CoachMe offers “in the moment” learner engagement and low-stakes confirmation of the material. Students prepare, practice, and focus all in one place, so they show up to class confident and ready to learn.

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The Bookshelf You Know and Love, Just Better

Bookshelf is packed with learning power. Learners have all their reading and study materials in one place with highlights and notes, flashcards, workbook, Bookshelf CoachMe formative practice, and more, right in the Bookshelf etext. Learners have full content controls, with dark mode, margin sizes, and fonts, including open dyslexic, as well as read aloud, search, and full offline access. Students study anywhere, anytime with Bookshelf.

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Acrobatiq: The New Standard in Courseware

Acrobatiq is the only learning-science based course creation and delivery platform that brings unprecedented scale to courseware development with next generation intelligence.

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Intrepid: Learning at Work, Together

Intrepid is the collaborative learning platform that empowers organizations to solve high-stakes business challenges through engaging and applied learning at scale.

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