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SmartStart uses artificial intelligence to transform static content into interactive learning within hours.

SmartStart lets you reduce course development time and rapidly scale content-to-course conversionsWith one click, SmartStart creates topical lessons, identifies clear learning objectives, and generates embedded practice from etext content. 


How SmartStart Creates Scalable, Impactful Learning

Organizes Content into Lessons
SmartStart analyzes the etext structure and identifies how content can be chunked into smaller lessons on a single topic.
Aligns Learning Objectives with Lessons
SmartStart identifies learning objectives in the text and aligns them with the appropriate lessons.
Generates Formative Practice for Students
SmartStart generates practice questions based on etext-specific information and provides feedback when students answer incorrectly.

Active Learning

Content generated by SmartStart promotes "learn by doing," a form of active learning that has been proven to create the Doer Effect.

The Doer Effect is a learning science principle that proves students who do practice questions while reading new content have higher learning gains than those who only read. 

SmartStart is designed to help institutions take advantage of the Doer Effect by autogenerating topically-aligned lessons with formative practice within a learning science-based platform, which better supports student learning. 

Learn about how SmartStart and Acrobatiq work together.  

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Affordable and Scalable

SmartStart significantly reduces course development time and costsCompared to a full customized course build that may take weeks or months, a SmartStart course can be ready in a matter of hours. 

Content can be sourced from the VitalSource catalog, the world’s largest digital education library, so institutions can quickly move from an etext to an interactive course. SmartStart can also convert other sources of content, such as OER.

Publishers can use SmartStart to quickly transform their existing library of static content, without investing in their own courseware platform. 

affordable scales
The Doer Effect has
6X the Learning Benefit
than just Reading

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