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VitalSource Studio is a digital content creation tool that makes it easy to develop beautiful, interactive reading experiences.

You can create relevant, engaging EPUB 3 content with Studio, your easy-to-use authoring platform—no knowledge of HTML, CSS, or user interface design necessary.


Breathe Life into Your Digital Content

Author Accessible Content
Content created in VitalSource Studio conforms to the EPUB 3 specification.
Integrate Interactive Elements
With Studio, you can include video, assessments, and slideshows. Videos can feature transcripts and closed caption.
Publish to Bookshelf Instantly
Updates are simple; make a change in VitalSource Studio and republish the content in minutes.

Shift from Print to Digital

VitalSource understands that content creators are deeply invested in how their content looks and feels. That’s why we deliver what you need to make your content the highest quality, in a streamlined, digital format. 


Collaborate with Team Members

The flexible workflow environment of VitalSource Studio makes it easy for multiple content creators to work collaboratively on the same materials. Your editorial review process is supported by threaded discussions, work status labels, and team member assignments. 

"With VitalSource will have content that is truly digital-first. Students really love the assessment questions we put within the text. These interactive activities help them stay engaged."

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