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Equitable Access for Every Indie Store

Meet VerbaOne

With VerbaOne, you get one platform for pricing and socializing your EA initiative, as well as adopting, sourcing, and delivering both print and digital to students. As rush winds down, you get one invoice to cover your entire program.

  • One Program.
  • One Invoice.
  • One Amazing Campus Experience.

Dear Indie Stores,

The last decade in course materials has been anything but dull, from aggressive online competition to the rise of rental, and now digital. This hasn’t been easy on you. Constant change has meant constantly learning new systems, re-training teams, and developing new best practices.

Most of our clients are now straddling the “messy middle,” operating both print-centric retail and digital-centric Inclusive Access programs. But the “messy middle” isn’t forever, and a few intrepid stores have blazed the trail beyond it. Their answer is Equitable Access (EA).

We like EA because it makes things easier for everyone. Students get all materials by the first day of class, and instructors teach to their chosen content from the start. Campus stores manage one model instead of two, and administrators get a larger revenue stream.

But today, only a handful of indie stores run EA programs. Pricing the program, securing campus buy-in, sourcing print and digital to full enrollment, and delivering that content at scale are just some of the challenges many indie stores have lacked the tools to manage.

We’re introducing VerbaOne to put Equitable Access in reach for every indie store.

Indie stores can now move beyond the “messy middle,” and we’re here to help.

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With You Every Step of the Way

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Price your program right from the start and keep it going with actionable insights and administration-ready reports.
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Give instructors an adoption experience they'll love and get adoptions back in record time.
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Automate both digital and print sourcing. Then, track and receive, all in one place.
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Ensure every student has every course material with LMS and in-store tools built just for EA.

Our Tools, Your Team

Run your program your way. Our purpose-built and proven tools are designed for indie stores to self-operate EA, keeping all control local.

VerbaOne customers automatically participate in our monthly advisory council to ensure constant feedback and iteration to indie store specifications.

Find Your Price

One Program, Two Flavors

History is your best guide when setting your Equitable Access program price. But nobody has a crystal ball, and there are some unknowns about your future terms when pricing EA.

With VerbaOne, choose whether to absorb these unknowns or pass them along to us. Both options feature one price to students, and either way we send you one consolidated invoice.

Choose Your Flavor

The Industry’s First Carbon-Neutral Course Materials Program

VerbaOne takes sustainability to a new level. Powered by the world’s most sustainable course materials provider, we measure the carbon impact of your program and offset the carbon cost of every print and digital material delivered. You tout your carbon-neutrality to campus stakeholders with a branded site that tracks your offset data in real time.


Equitable Access Trailblazers

See how peer institutions have revolutionized the EA process, providing students with the most convenient way to access course materials by the first day of class.


Discover One Amazing, Convenient Campus Experience

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