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VitalSource tools and platforms make it easy to deliver accessible, affordable, impactful learning to anyone, anywhere.

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VitalSource is recognized as leaders in reshaping the learning environment through our work to provide affordable access to course materials, carbon net neutrality, using Artificial Intelligence backed by learning science to improve teaching and learning, and more.

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Our global reach and proven reliable technology mean millions of learners everywhere can learn how they want, wherever they are. We go beyond simply adhering to industry accessibility standards—we’re actively helping create those standards with our partners.

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VitalSource supports affordability and day-one access to course materials through Inclusive Access and Equitable Access programs by streamlining the complex technology infrastructure to decrease costs and get required materials to learners quickly and easily.

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Improving learning outcomes is vital. Our team of learning scientists continues to surface new research about the benefits of engagement through active learning. All platforms are designed with analytics to provide insight into the learner experience.

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