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"What I’ve witnessed with VitalSource is a team that is committed to truly understanding their customers’ needs so they may effectively engage in creating solutions. This personalized approach has been pivotal to the success of our relationship."
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"Partnering with VitalSource over 10 years ago is one of the best decisions we’ve made. This partnership continues to be an integral part of Gilmore Global’s digital learning services strategy. The people and technology VitalSource brings to bear is second to none."
"At the beginning of the switch to remote instruction, I would have predicted that engagement with the software would have dropped off, but I believe in many cases students relied on the Acrobatiq platform even more."
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"With VitalSource Studio...you will have content that is truly digital-first. Students really love the assessment questions we put within the text. These interactive activities help them stay engaged."
"Learning is a collective endeavor, and partnerships like the ones we have with VitalSource help to improve the student’s educational journey by making course materials more affordable and simpler to access."
"Partnering with VitalSource makes new market opportunities and customer solutions possible for your organization. Having a wealth of consulting experience combined with best-in-class educational technology allowed us to rapidly prototype, test, and start generating high-margin revenue for our specialized market. With VitalSource as a partner, we’ve been able to shift an all print business to digital in record time."
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"Our students are healthcare professionals that are always on the go, and Bookshelf by VitalSource has enabled them to read their chapters wherever they are. The offline and read aloud features are the most used due to the flexibility to be on the go."
"The whole team at Verba | VitalSource has been overwhelmingly supportive when it comes to anything we need. The support was a huge deciding factor for us—anytime we pick up the phone, they make magic happen."
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"I think this is how bookstores stay relevant on campus. We are the experts in course materials, and Verba | VitalSource helps us better manage content and communicate with students and instructors."
Building Momentum for Growth
As the discussion about the rising costs of course materials percolated on Bellevue College’s campus, Campus Store Director Kristen Connely had an exciting idea: bring students to a conference on the topic to engage them in finding solutions. This idea led Bellevue to a booming Inclusive Access program.
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The New Standard for Courseware
Acrobatiq is the only learning-science based creation and delivery platform that brings unprecedented scale to courseware development. Get an overview of the Acrobatiq story and the features that set it apart in courseware development.
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