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"The speed with which VitalSource turned around contracts—it was so efficient and so quick, and there was not one snag in the whole process."
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"With VitalSource Studio...you will have content that is truly digital-first. Students really love the assessment questions we put within the text. These interactive activities help them stay engaged."
"The trick is then managing a timeline with that level of production involved—our course notes are of a sector leading, world-class standard, and VitalSource gave us the ability to match that standard with the quality of their product and the professionalism of their team."
"Learning is a collective endeavor, and partnerships like the ones we have with VitalSource help to improve the student’s educational journey by making course materials more affordable and simpler to access."
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"eBooks prompt more responses—you get to engage much more with those students. It becomes much more interesting for both parties and reduces the distance between lecturer and student."
"Partnering with VitalSource makes new market opportunities and customer solutions possible for your organisation. Having a wealth of consulting experience combined with best-in-class educational technology allowed us to rapidly prototype, test, and start generating high-margin revenue for our specialised market. With VitalSource as a partner, we’ve been able to shift an all print business to digital in record time."
"[Analytics] give us insights into whether we’re driving things in the right direction. For example, what are the students really learning and what do they really need? And are they using the right textbooks, reading the right content, or are they not even using it? It gives us that perspective."
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"I definitely like the new Explore platform - I think it's more accessible and user friendly for students. It also includes features that enable students to develop good study behaviours (note-taking, engaging with the text) and collaborative features to encourage connected learning."
"We want to ensure that all of our students can have that level of independence. To be able to study independently with their own assistive software so they’re not dependent on those around them. We feel that digital tools can support this goal, and it is something we focus on when making decisions about which product interfaces to use and partners we work with."
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Building Momentum for Growth
Engagement and outcomes in an online learning environment Based on Kaplan Open Learning (KOL) students studying 100% online courses, this research, conducted by Shift Learning on behalf of VitalSource examines the relationship between students’ final module grades and their engagement with their core eTextbooks for that module. Explore the findings in the official research paper.
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The New Standard for Courseware
Acrobatiq is the only learning-science based creation and delivery platform that brings unprecedented scale to courseware development. Get an overview of the Acrobatiq story and the features that set it apart in courseware development.
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