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Daniel Green

Daniel Green currently leads VitalSource’s analytical offerings, including the Engagement Dashboards, Report Center and data feed solutions. These products seek to enhance the learning process by providing users with easy access to key metrics that can measure student progress, and inform content decisions. Daniel received his Master of Business Administration and Bachelor of Computer Science degrees from Union University. In his spare time, Daniel attends and hosts local technology meet-ups, advises early stage startups, and partners with local software development bootcamps. He also enjoys running, cycling, and backpacking.

Recent Posts from Daniel Green

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We're Better Together

August 8, 2018 • 2 minute read

While not quite as catchy as Jack Johnson’s hit single, the title of this blog is meant to serve as an open invitation to anyone who wants to improve the status quo. For years,...

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The Caliper Transformation

February 13, 2018 • 1 minute read

At VitalSource, we’re all about improving learning outcomes and affordability, at scale. While digital delivery of materials through new models like Inclusive Access have made...

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Set your students up for day-one success!

September 27, 2017 • 2 minute read

The process of preparing for the semester is daunting.It’s stressful figuring out how to get students to get the most from your course, usually accompanied by flipping through an...


Data-Driven Content Insights for Publishers

August 16, 2017 • 1 minute read

For publishers and content creators, it’s all about learning: • How does our content improve learning outcomes?• How can we ensure that the right content is in the right course?...

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The Right Information at the Right Time

May 10, 2017 • 1 minute read

The next time you say, “I am making the best decision based on the information I have available to me”, you want to know your decision was made with a clear perspective and...

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Effectiveness and success: two big words when applied to education

February 21, 2017 • 2 minute read

Data: another big word that when applied to effectiveness and success, moves decision-making from subjectivity to objectivity. Objectivity, combined with proven motivators,...


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