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October 10, 2023

APA Launches First of its Kind Digital Workbook Powered by VitalSource’s Award-Winning Tools


RALEIGH, NC and WASHINGTON, D.C. – VitalSource® and the American Psychological Association (APA) today announced the release of the Mastering APA Style Student Workbook, developed by APA and powered by VitalSource. The first-of-its-kind accessible and responsive digital workbook leverages a learning science principle known as the “Doer Effect,” the proven idea that practicing leads to learning, by engaging users with interactive questions and graded quizzes to help students learn APA Style more effectively.   

The Mastering APA Style Student Workbook provides high-quality content within a powerful, learning-science-based platform that optimizes the teaching and learning of APA Style. The workbook’s data-driven technology, powered by VitalSource, allows instructors to track progress, identify struggling learners, provide targeted support, and continuously refine courses. Students improve learning, knowledge retention, and persistence through embedded practice questions.   

Building a solid foundational understanding of APA Style gives students an advantage in future course and career situations that require clear and concise communication, and this new workbook provides an effective option to do that,” said Jasper Simons, APA’s Chief Publishing Officer. “VitalSource was a natural fit to power this cutting-edge teaching and learning experience, and we are grateful for their partnership and learning science expertise.”  

Intended for students of psychology and related disciplines as well as nursing, business, and other fields that use APA Style, the Mastering APA Style Student Workbook is an effective learning tool for the classroom or independent study. A free sample workbook features one page from each of the nine modules, a variety of question types, and a summative quiz. 

 “Through our research on the Doer Effect, we know that the more practice students do, the better their learning outcomes are,” said Michael Hale, PhD, Chief Learning and Content Officer at VitalSource. “We are committed to extending the benefits of learning by doing to more students, and proud to support the APA on such an important project.” 

On October 12th, APA will host a discussion on how Mastering APA Style was built using best practices in learning design, the benefits digital learning provides in teaching students the basics of APA Style, and how this base knowledge sets students up for future success. VitalSource’s Rachel Van Campenhout, EdD, and Kate Ramunda will join the discussion to speak about the learning science research that is the foundation of the new workbook, as well as the course functionality and production process.  

Register for the webinar here.  

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