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September 1, 2021

VitalSource Announces Enhanced Bookshelf Experience for Learners and Institutions


September 1, 2021

Bookshelf is better than ever with improved tools to enhance success  

RALEIGH, NC – VitalSource Technologies today announced a redesign of their flagship product, Bookshelf®, with features to better support learning and academic success. Based on extensive user research and feedback, the upgrades include improved notetaking, a more user-friendly table of contents and navigation, a dedicated workbook to support user annotation and key concept review, and other enhancements designed to improve the learner experience. The redesigned Bookshelf is available now.   

“After extensive research focusing on learning science and focus groups with users, we launch the redesigned user experience with confidence that Bookshelf by VitalSource is packed with learning power, easy to use, and has the highest standards of accessibility built into the platform,” said Brian Hogue, Chief Product Officer. “The redesigned Bookshelf is grounded in our goal to make the study experience easier and more intuitive while focusing on efficiency and flexibility.”  

Bookshelf by VitalSource® delivers a comprehensive study experience for a new world of learning with 1.5 million etexts and courseware, one of the world’s most extensive catalogs for higher education course materials. The platform offers built-in study tools to help support retention and content mastery, 100% offline access, award-winning accessibility features, and powerful analytics to help faculty better understand learner behavior and identify the need for early intervention and support.  

The new Bookshelf builds upon and enhances these features, allowing users to read and study all in one platform. Highlights include:  

  • Read without Distraction: A streamlined modern design offers learners the tools and flexibility to maximize the reading experience.  
  • Get There Faster: Learners can easily navigate to any chapter or section through a more user-friendly table of contents.  
  • Search Seamlessly: Search across content, figures, and the workbook with our intuitive global search—now featuring type-ahead functionality.  
  • Improve Focus: Edit, annotate, study, and review key concepts in the learner workbook.  
  • Take Better Notes: Margin notes were once a print textbook reading experience. Learners can make and view in-line notes in the margin to see comments in the context of the book.  
  • Study Tools that Work: Learners can create and find easy-to-use flashcards that include images.   
  • Read On-the-Go: Use the Bookshelf app on any device and download for offline use.   
  • Best-in-Class Accessibility: Accessibility by design means compatibility with screen readers, Read Aloud functionality, and content controls, including magnification and night mode.  

To learn more about the new and improved Bookshelf, click here 

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