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October 7, 2016

VitalSource Commemorates a Year of Strategic Milestones


April 7, 2015

One Year after the CourseSmart Acquisition, VitalSource Strengthens Initiatives that Help Institutions, Faculty and Publishers Develop and Deliver Engaging Digital Content

NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 7, 2015 -- VitalSource Technologies Inc., an Ingram Content Group company and a leading educational technology company that provides digital products and services to the higher education market, is commemorating a year of growth and strategic milestones since the acquisition of CourseSmart, a deal which was noted as a significant inflection point for the digital course materials category.

"We've made tremendous progress in the operational aspects of the acquisition over the past year," said Kent Freeman, Chief Operating Officer, VitalSource Technologies Inc. "We have evolved strategically to meet the industry demand for more interactive content, proprietary adaptive courseware, etc. Through acquisitions and strategic collaborations, as well as the expansion of our existing portfolio of content tools and services, we are moving towards a services business model where we can help publishers and institutions create interactive and engaging content, including custom solutions. We will continue to expand the products and services we offer to customers, continuing to build upon our existing strengths in educational content delivery and integration."

Following are key milestones since the CourseSmart acquisition, which demonstrate VitalSource's strategic growth:

MetroDigi Agreement – Last October, VitalSource and MetroDigi, a leading, cloud-based content creation company, announced a collaboration to provide educational publishers with solutions for the production and distribution of customizable interactive content. This agreement was seen as a potential growth-accelerator for the digital course materials market, since the higher education industry has been demanding more engaging and immersive interactive content.

Plymouth Implementation – Last October, Plymouth University and VitalSource announced the largest digital implementation of course materials ever undertaken in the U.K. Encompassing more than 30,000 textbooks from more than 16 publishers, the program was seen as a bellwether for democratizing access to educational content, and for increasing awareness and demand for digital course materials internationally.

MBS Agreement – In February of this year, VitalSource was selected by MBS Textbook Exchange, Inc. to be the digital fulfillment vendor for its educational content. The collaboration between MBS and VitalSource simplifies the distribution of digital course materials for thousands of institutions and students who no longer have to contend with competing digital platforms. Instead, schools can unify their digital platforms through all of MBS' channels, and in the process, streamline training and support, while also providing students with the convenience of a single digital reading experience.

New Raleigh Office – In January, VitalSource moved to new, larger office space in downtown Raleigh, N.C. The move capped off a year in which VitalSource experienced impressive growth in sales and solidified its position as the world's largest independent provider of digital course materials in higher education.

New Brand Rollout – As a reflection of the fact that the company has evolved to offer an expanded portfolio of products and services for developing and delivering educational content, VitalSource is unveiling new branding at the ASU+GSV Education Innovation Summit 2015. The new logo, collateral materials, website, etc. mark the conclusion of the dual-brand strategy the company used immediately after the CourseSmart acquisition, and is reflective of the expanded depth and breadth of the combined company, which is now operating exclusively under the VitalSource brand.

"We are proud of what we have accomplished this year and are eager to execute our ambitious plans for 2015," said Freeman. "We will continue to focus on solving issues that matter most to our customers and to the industry: helping institutions implement effective digital strategies, facilitating enhanced digital benefits, such as interactive content and analytics, and of course, continuously improving the digital user experience through intuitive mobile apps and other product features."

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