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February 7, 2023

VitalSource® Launches VerbaOne, an Innovative Equitable Access Program for Independent Campus Stores


February 7, 2023

VerbaOne will streamline processes for campus stores and increase access to and affordability of learning materials for all students 

RALEIGH, NC – VitalSource® today announced the launch of VerbaOne, a revolutionary course materials program to help independent campus stores operate Equitable Access (EA). VerbaOne will streamline pricing, adoptions, sourcing, and delivery of print and digital content in one platform, greatly simplifying complex processes for campus stores and increasing access and affordability for students. 

“Equitable Access is transforming course materials delivery, and VerbaOne is our latest contribution to the change: a comprehensive toolkit for independent stores to implement the model,” said Kent Freeman, CEO of VitalSource. 

EA improves affordability by providing every student with day-one access to all course materials for one predictable, low, flat rate. With VerbaOne, independent stores get one toolset to launch and manage EA, and instructors enjoy full academic freedom with access to all course materials, including both paid publisher content and free materials. 

“Until now, most independent stores haven’t had the tools or resources to implement an EA program,” said Jared Pearlman, Chief Strategy Officer for VitalSource. “We’ve partnered with several trailblazing independent stores over the last few years, and VerbaOne is the culmination of our work together: a set of tools and resources to put EA in reach for every indie store.” 

Click here to learn more about VerbaOne and Equitable Access programs. 

VerbaOne’s purpose-built and proven tools and software are designed for stores to self-operate EA, keeping all control local. Key features include: 

  • Comprehensive Tooling: From the pricing and rollout of the program to adoptions, sourcing, and delivery of both print and digital materials to students, stores have the tools they need in one place.  
  • Flexible Terms, One Invoice: Stores can choose to source digital only or both digital and print through VerbaOne. Either way, they receive one consolidated invoice.  
  • A Unified Student Experience: Students access digital content, physical materials messaging, and program-level opt-out tools all in the learning management system (LMS). 
  • Best Practices Support: An advocacy toolkit will be provided to VerbaOne customers with detailed information about developing an EA launch strategy, communication, best practices, and more to help educate stakeholders and facilitate implementation. 
  • Sustainability: VerbaOne is the industry’s first carbon-neutral course materials program as VitalSource offsets the carbon cost of every print and digital material delivered. 

VerbaOne embodies our commitment at VitalSource to developing new, cutting-edge technologies designed to improve access and affordability for all students,” added Freeman. “VerbaOne also raises the bar on sustainability as the industry’s first carbon-neutral course materials program.” 

VitalSource is the leading education technology solutions provider, serving more than eighteen million users and ten thousand institutions globally in the last year. In 2017, VitalSource acquired Verba Software, a technology platform co-founded by Pearlman nearly a decade earlier as a student government project at Harvard University to address rising textbook costs. Verba now serves over 300 independent college stores with a suite of products that has grown to meet the changing needs of campus stores. 

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