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October 23, 2017

VitalSource unveils next-generation professional learning platform


October 23, 2017

Roll out coincides with company reaching one million learners served

Raleigh, N.C. (Oct. 23, 2017) – As VitalSource® Technologies LLC heads to Elliott Masie’s Learning 2017 and the eLearning Guild’s DevLearn this week, the company is celebrating the launch of the next generation VitalSource Content Experience Platform and crossing the one-million-user threshold on the platform.

“We believe learning matters everywhere,” said Eric Kuennen, VitalSource VP of Professional Learning. “To that end, it is exciting to be able to share the news of our revamped VitalSource Content Experience Platform that puts high-quality content in the hands of learners. No matter where learners may live or travel, we have tools for learning organizations and companies to create, curate, deploy and measure content securely and at any scale.”

VitalSource, after only a few years in the professional learning market, recently reached one million users on its Content Experience Platform.

“It’s great that we reached that one-million user milestone just as we are rolling out our new platform,” said Kuennen. “It is definitely validation of the work we have done to create an industry-leading content delivery system. I’m sure our current one-million users – and the next million – will enjoy the next generation VitalSource Content Experience Platform and find it delivers an effective and efficient learning environment.”

VitalSource has leveraged its nearly 20 years in the higher-education market to create a delivery system that offers learning paths, accessibility for all learners and online and fully downloadable offline access.

“VitalSource has been an important strategic ally with Gilmore Global for several years,” said Gilmore Global’s VP of Business Development Matt Mozer. “We have leveraged their platform as a key component within our digital-transformation toolkit for helping move customers from a print-centric world to a digital world.

“This next generation of the VitalSource platform will further enhance our collaboration and open new opportunities for Gilmore Global and our customers." At Masie, VitalSource Product Manager Clay Salit will be participating in a panel discussion on Navigating Change: Disrupting the Learning Landscape with Gilmore. At DevLearn, VitalSource will be in booth 711 and providing live demonstrations of their next generation platform.


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VitalSource® is a global leader in creating and securely delivering high-value content. VitalSource offers best-in-breed technology, enterprise-level scalability, and industry-leading analytics. Engage a new generation of knowledge workers with our millennial-friendly and technology-forward training platform that allows you to create, manage, teach and analyze your learning content.

Internal or external, VitalSource makes your flat-digital or print training manuals engaging, interactive, integrated, updateable and trackable. From transitioning to digital content delivery to finding smarter ways to measure success, VitalSource offers simple solutions for progressive learning environments.


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