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September 23, 2021 • 1 minute read
By: Rick Johnson

Around the world, more students than ever before are reliant upon digital learning tools and eTexts in order to continue their education.

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October, 26, 2021 . 1 minute read

Learning Science Innovation



As a leader in EdTech, VitalSource is committed to improving learning for students and expanding educational opportunities for all learners. From product development to delivery, we depend on learning science research to achieve these goals.

We believe technology backed by learning science is the foundation of a powerful, effective learning experience.   

Technology Design  

We start with learning principles that are known to improve learning gains and incorporate them into our product design. For example, our courseware platform was founded on 12 years of research at Carnegie Mellon’s Open Learning Initiative. It delivers active learning through embedded practice to create the Doer Effect, a proven learning science principle. Research shows that this Learn-by-Doing approach has approximately six times the effect on learning than solely reading.  

Our learning technology is rooted in cutting-edge cognitive and learning science research that helps students become active participants in their own learning process. We use research-based methods to ensure the learning environment will be effective, and follow-up research is done to evaluate how well it works.  

Adaptivity & Personalisation  

Adaptive, embedded practice turns students from passive readers to active learners. Our courseware delivers active, personalised learning that adjusts to the specific needs of each student – and studies have shown that Acrobatiq’s adaptive activities have a net positive effect on learning estimates. Students who complete adaptive activity practice get higher mean summative assessment scores. VitalSource courseware enhances the learning experience by providing practice tailored to each learner’s needs, improving learning, knowledge retention, and persistence, and scaling with institutional demand.  

Accessibility Features  

Our platforms are designed with all learners in mind and always meet or exceed accessibility standards. We ensure each of our users can receive the same content, using the same platforms, through the same channels—no special versions needed. Not only do we meet or exceed current standards, but we are actively involved in creating future standards by using the latest research and collaborating with other organisations on accessibility.  

To make an impact, technology must expand access for learners and positively affect student outcomes. We are using the latest learning science research to improve the online learning experience every day. Learn more in our VitalSource Impact Position Paper. 

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