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Rachel Van Campenhout, Ed.D.

Rachel Van Campenhout, Ed.D.

Rachel Van Campenhout, Ed.D, holds a bachelor of arts in philosophy and English from Duquesne University, a master of arts in digital publishing and writing from Emerson College, and a doctorate of education in instructional technology and leadership from Duquesne University. Starting as a learning engineer at Acrobatiq, Dr. Van Campenhout now leads the scholarly research and publication efforts of the VitalSource research and development team, covering topics that includes the doer effect, automatic question generation, adaptive learning, and instructor implementation. Dr. Van Campenhout is the representative member for the Adaptive Learning Consortium and serves on the board for the International Conference on Adaptive Instructional Systems. Dr. Van Campenhout is also an active member of the IEEE IC Industry Consortium on Learning Engineering and has published papers on learning engineering and ethics in educational technology. In her free time, she enjoys drawing, painting, woodworking projects, and spending time in nature.

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