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September 23, 2021 • 1 minute read
By: Rick Johnson

Around the world, more students than ever before are reliant upon digital learning tools and eTexts in order to continue their education.


Access Isn’t Just Convenient, It’s Imperative

September, 30, 2021 . 1 minute read

Access within higher education should be easy, with reading lists assigned and students having the required materials in time for term start. However, with so many available...


Choose wisely, communicate widely: How can universities work to become more accessible?

September, 17, 2019 . 2 minute read

Accessibility is about users, not standards.


What does it mean for an eTextbook to be accessible?

September, 9, 2019 . 1 minute read

In the ever-changing landscapes of digital learning, accessibility, and higher education, it can seem a daunting prospect to stay on top of it all.


Where to find OER content

June, 13, 2019 . 1 minute read

With a number of different organisations offering a plethora of OER content, the sheer amount of choice can often be overwhelming. The OER Commons alone “provides a single point...


What is OER and how does it differ from open access?

May, 31, 2019 . 1 minute read

In 2002, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) first adopted the term open educational resources (OER), setting the scene for the learning...

INTL_blogimages_digital transformations

The Change Management Series: Communication is key

April, 10, 2019 . 2 minute read

In the first piece of our change management series, we discussed how to overcome factors that may be causing resistance in your institution during the transition to digital. One...

INTL_blogimages_digital transformations

The Change Management Series: How to overcome resistance to change

March, 25, 2019 . 2 minute read

Transitioning from either a pilot eTextbook programme to business as usual—or immediately from print to digital provision—will undoubtedly result in a great deal of change. And...

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