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Saskia Watts

Saskia Watts is a Marketing Manager for VitalSource International, focusing on helping both institutions and publishers deliver effective, affordable, and accessible learning materials to students. Prior to joining VitalSource, Saskia worked at Lightning Source, aiding in the marketing of Ingram’s print on demand offerings. She also attended Oxford Brookes University, where she studied Publishing Media.

Recent Posts from Saskia Watts


The Importance of EdTech

September, 9, 2021 . 1 minute read

VitalSource is honoured to be part of ITN Productions and the Association of Learning Technology’s bespoke programme, The Future of Learning.


Saying goodbye to 2020: Teach Online Toolkit 'Refresher'

December, 10, 2020 . 1 minute read

As 2020 comes to an end, we want to recognise your continued hard work and adaptability in responding to the dramatic changes in education.


The dos and don'ts of giving feedback: Teach Online Toolkit 'Refresher'

December, 3, 2020 . 2 minute read

Meaningful feedback is key to learning, but can be difficult to deliver in a remote environment, with research showing that the type of feedback, and the way it is given, have...


Student engagement and learning outcomes online: Teach Online Toolkit 'Refresher'

November, 12, 2020 . 1 minute read

How does eTextbook use impact on grade outcomes? Our research, carried out with Kaplan Open Learning (KOL) and Shift Learning, examines the relationship and provides actionable...


Change one thing – how to enhance your video lectures: Teach Online Toolkit 'Refresher'

November, 5, 2020 . 2 minute read

Getting to grips with what may be a new way of teaching for you, can be overwhelming. When planning your video lectures, live or pre-recorded, it can be helpful to try one new...

INTL_blogimages_remote teaching

Change one thing – navigating within your eTextbook: Teach Online Toolkit 'Refresher'

October, 22, 2020 . 4 minute read

Using new tech can be stressful, whether it's getting used to a new mobile phone or incorporating online tools into your teaching. One key tip is to be prepared by getting...


Getting your students started: Teach Online Toolkit 'Refresher'

October, 15, 2020 . 2 minute read

Whilst the period of emergency online teaching is over, the reality of the new normal is still sinking in for a lot of people – from lecturers and librarians, to parents and...


Perspectives: Climbing the accessibility mountain… or using the ski lift (Webinar write up)

September, 17, 2020 . 10 minute read

Were you unable to attend the Climbing the accessibility mountain… or using the ski lift webinar moderated by Becky Hartnup, and hosted by Alistair McNaught? The main points have...

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Perspectives: Jenny Campbell on achieving adaptability in healthy and effective ways

September, 10, 2020 . 7 minute read

In addition to the wider impact on universities, the transition to digital also requires resilience. This means recognising that digital is different, not only in terms of...

INTL_blogimages_digital transformations

Blended learning design: All the gear, no idea? (Webinar write up): Teach Online Toolkit Week 9

June, 11, 2020 . 5 minute read

Were you unable to attend the Blended learning design, all the gear, no idea? webinar moderated by Becky Hartnup, and hosted by Aurélie Soulier? The main points have been...

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Preparing for next semester: Tips from lecturers at Oxford Brookes: Teach Online Toolkit Week 8

June, 4, 2020 . 5 minute read

For many, the first semester since having to rapidly transition to a digital campus is coming to a close. Hurdles have been overcome, improvements have been made, and most...


Your metadata and VitalSource

March, 2, 2020 . 1 minute read

After you’ve overcome the confusion surrounding metadata best practices, and the attributes you should be focusing your efforts on, it’s time to put it all to the test.

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