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May 5, 2021 • 1 minute read
By: Rick Johnson

I am proud of the tremendous progress that we have made in the accessibility of our products, and, even more critical, the outstanding progress the entire ecosystem has made in creating and adopting standards.

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October, 3, 2016 • 2 minute read

What's New with VitalSource Bookshelf



Here’s hoping everyone is having a great start to the 2016-17 school year!

At VitalSource we are committed to ensuring every student has the tools needed to be successful. As technology advances, we have to keep pace. That’s why we've rolled out a number of helpful new features for our Bookshelf platform this fall.

Review Mode
Highlights and notes are more powerful than ever with Review Mode for Bookshelf Online, iOS and Android. With Review Mode, you can review both your own and any subscribed notes and highlights in a focused way. You can also create personalized review sessions that focus on just the material you need, or just the material your instructors have highlighted as important, helping you study faster and more efficiently.
Review Mode ScreenshotEasy Notes/Highlights Subscribing
Faculty members have always been to share key passages or notes with their students through Bookshelf – but it hasn’t always been easy to get students to sign up. Bookshelf now allows for users to create personalized URLs that auto-subscribe anyone who clicks on the link to their shared notes and highlights. Those notes and highlights will appear in their book while reading, and also during study sessions with Review Mode.

That easy subscription link can then be shared via email, the course syllabus or in any learning management system.

Bookshelf Single Sign OnNative App Single Sign-On
"How can I use this on my iPad?"

"What if I want to download my books to read later?"

We’ve heard these questions come up time and again, so we made it even simpler to get into our native apps for mobile devices, with Native App Single Single-On.

When you navigate to Bookshelf Online on your phone or tablet, you will be prompted to install and then launch the app (iOS or Android). If you choose to use the app, Bookshelf remembers your preference and will take you straight to the app on any later login or book launch. If you open to a particular page in Online, that same book and page will open like magic in your native app.

Of course, if you would rather use our responsive web site in your mobile browser, you can still do that too.

Listening to you!
We love receiving feedback from schools and students on how we can improve our products to make learning easier. As a result of your input, we have added a text-to-speech feature that allows you to listen to your textbooks, and bookmarks that sync back and forth between our apps and Bookshelf Online.

We read every piece of feedback our students give us and look forward to continuing to improve our platform per your ideas and suggestions in the future.

VitalSource is proud to play a role in the success of so many students and schools around the globe and we look forward to meeting the growing digital needs of learners!

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