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December 10, 2020 • 1 minute read
By: Saskia Watts

As 2020 comes to an end, we want to recognize your continued hard work and adaptability in responding to the dramatic changes in education.


Perspectives: Digital strategy – taking your students with you

September, 24, 2020 . 4 minute read

In the lead up to 2020, the adoption of technology in institutions was steadily growing. But despite seeing the value of scalable solutions, many leadership teams were waiting...


Perspectives: Climbing the accessibility mountain… or using the ski lift (Webinar write up)

September, 17, 2020 . 10 minute read

Were you unable to attend the Climbing the accessibility mountain… or using the ski lift webinar moderated by Becky Hartnup, and hosted by Alistair McNaught? The main points...

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Perspectives: Jenny Campbell on achieving adaptability in healthy and effective ways

September, 10, 2020 . 7 minute read

In addition to the wider impact on universities, the transition to digital also requires resilience. This means recognising that digital is different, not only in terms of...

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Perspectives: Khilona Radia on responding to the pandemic in South Africa

September, 3, 2020 . 7 minute read

Becky Hartnup spoke to Khilona Radia about the benefits and limitations of online education, and the extent to which it can enable learning to continue through a pandemic....

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Perspectives: Strategic change – student led digital transformation

August, 27, 2020 . 8 minute read

Higher Education is going through a seismic change. Social, political, and economic disruption is increasing questions around the role of universities: research versus...

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Perspectives: David Bozward on delivering technology enhanced learning in a time of crisis

August, 20, 2020 . 5 minute read

The digital disruption of higher education has been a long time coming, but the events of 2020 have demanded a rapid, and in many cases radical response from institutions....

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Perspectives: The student view: online learning is essential in the new normal

August, 13, 2020 . 7 minute read

The student perspective is key to recruitment, retention, and student outcomes. By staying close to their students, universities can anticipate, prioritise, and plan for the...


Perspectives: Yasmina Mallam-Hassam on diversity and inclusion

August, 6, 2020 . 7 minute read

How the digital disruption of Higher Education can boost inclusivity – and why it matters for your institution and your students If your university is responding to the...

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Perspectives: A modern learning environment

July, 30, 2020 . 3 minute read

If your institution is introducing - or expanding its use of technology right now, it is likely that your number one priority is ensuring you can continue to deliver high...

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Perspectives: Five ways to lead a digital transition in six weeks

July, 23, 2020 . 4 minute read

It is undeniable that COVID-19 has altered the higher education landscape, and that the reshaping of teaching and learning continues to dominate the minds of higher education...

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Perspectives: Aurelie Soulier's recommendations for academic leadership

July, 16, 2020 . 4 minute read

Aurelie Soulier’s work is within the UK open-source technology company, Catalyst IT. She is a product specialist, which consists of supporting clients with their learning...

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Perspectives: Scott Smith on transitioning to online learning, and supporting international students

July, 9, 2020 . 5 minute read

Welcome back to our Perspectives series. Higher Education is changing fast, moving beyond emergency online teaching to provide a robust and satisfying student experience. As...

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