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May 5, 2021 • 1 minute read
By: Rick Johnson

I am proud of the tremendous progress that we have made in the accessibility of our products, and, even more critical, the outstanding progress the entire ecosystem has made in creating and adopting standards.

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Blog > Aim4Knowledge finds comprehensive solution with VitalSource Content Studio

June, 19, 2017 • 1 minute read

Aim4Knowledge finds comprehensive solution with VitalSource Content Studio

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At VitalSource, we pride ourselves in our ability to find innovative solutions to customers’ unique problems.

We had the opportunity to do just that when Sweden-based Aim4Knowledge came to us with a desire to go beyond flat PDF files to meet the training needs of their clients. After trying out multiple potential solutions, Råstock and his team landed on VitalSource Content Studio. According to Råstock, they liked VitalSource Content Studio because of how straightforward the interface was and how easy it was to create EPUB 3 content that worked with any reader.

This is the type of feedback we love to get about our products. It’s one thing for us to talk about our technology and solutions, but to hear that people like Råstock and companies like Aim4Knowledge have used our software to solve real-world problems is extremely rewarding and makes it more meaningful to come to work every day.

To learn more about how VitalSource Content Studio has revolutionized Aim4Knowledge’s offerings, please download our case study.


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