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May 5, 2021 • 1 minute read
By: Rick Johnson

I am proud of the tremendous progress that we have made in the accessibility of our products, and, even more critical, the outstanding progress the entire ecosystem has made in creating and adopting standards.

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February, 13, 2018 • 1 minute read

The Caliper Transformation



CaliperAt VitalSource, we’re all about improving learning outcomes and affordability, at scale. While digital delivery of materials through new models like Inclusive Access have made course materials more affordable than ever, it’s the improvement in learning outcomes that makes digital course materials so special.

What does at scale mean in terms of learning data? Last year, VitalSource delivered over 20 million titles to 5.7 million students and 1 million faculty. These learners and educators read over 2.4 billion pages, created 177 million annotations and searched their content library over 66 million times. That’s learning data at scale.

We’ve employed this learning data in partnership with several universities to better understand how student engagement can predict outcomes and offer opportunities for intervention. In one case, we were able to predict student letter grades by the second week in the course. Through this research, we’ve seen that combining engagement data from VitalSource with LMS/VLE, courseware or gradebook data, these predictive models become more precise and timely. It’s the holistic perspective of student learning that produces the best results.

Our commitment to improving learning outcomes isn’t limited to the VitalSource platform. Our scale has given us a unique perspective that has shaped our contributions to standards such as LTI, ePUB for Education, and most recently, Caliper.

Caliper unlocks learning analytics at scale by providing semantic and system interoperability. Our contribution to the new Caliper 1.1 standard and our real-time delivery of Caliper-formatted learning data is a reflection of our ongoing commitment to improving student learning outcomes.

Learn more about Caliper: IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Caliper Analytics v1.1

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